More creationism in Northern Ireland

According to the BBC (BBC News – Call for creationism exhibit at Giant’s Causeway) the chairman of Northern Ireland’s odd-sounding Caleb Foundation, Wallace Thompson, is calling for creationist information boards to be placed in an information centre at the Giant’s Causeway.  Sounds as though the idea may be getting short shrift:

SDLP MLA Alban Maginnis said he was opposed to a creationist representation at the new facility.”You are talking about a visitors’ centre which will attract people from all over the world,” he said.”It will be dealing with the natural sciences in relation to the Giant’s Causeway.”I do not think it would be appropriate in these circumstances to have a very narrow religious view expressed.”

Of course, as I blogged recently (Creationism in Northern Ireland) there has been a recent attempt to get creationism into Ulster Museum.  The call for creationist nonsense at the Giant’s Causeway is based on similar claims.  As Thompson puts it:

“All we are asking for is that the views that we hold, which
are based on the Word of God, are at least respected and taken on

But bronze-age myths are not something that should be used in this way, no matter how many deluded individuals may believe them.

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