Irish DoJ labels Atheist Ireland’s Nugent a “crackpot in an attic”!

Apparently Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland is a “crackpot sitting in an attic” (Atheists challenge blasphemy law – Times Online):

A spokesman for the Department of Justice said that Ahern did not “have the luxury of time to deal with some crackpot sitting in an attic somewhere sending around quotes that are intended to be blasphemous. I would suggest this person spend ¤5 on a copy of Bunreacht na hEireann, which contains the reference to blasphemy being against the law.

Actually Michael Nugent has a sizeable Twitter following – nearly 14,000 followers now – so he’s some crackpot.  I hope this story will run and run, and I wonder when the first prosecution for blasphemy will occur.  However, apparently “A garda source said there will be an investigation into whether the publication of the quotes is against the new law”, so maybe a test case is looming?

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