Evolution to be taught in UK primary schools

At last, some good news regarding the teaching of evolution in UK schools.  The Guardian reports (Scientists win place for evolution in primary schools) that

The government is ready to put evolution on the primary curriculum for the first time after years of lobbying by senior scientists.

The schools minister, Diana Johnson, has confirmed the plans will be included in a blueprint for a new curriculum to be published in the next few weeks.

It follows a letter signed by scientists and science educators calling on the government to make the change after draft versions of the new curriculum failed to mention evolution explicitly.

This seems pretty good news for rational thought, particularly given the unfortunate MORI poll recently, which appeared to show public support for teaching creationism in science lessons.  The campaign for inclusion of evolution in the curriculum was coordinated by the British Humanist Association.

3 thoughts on “Evolution to be taught in UK primary schools

  1. odd that people want religious superstition taught in science classes given the total lack of supporting data for any of these superstitions.

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