Creationist zoo suspended…

The creationist Noah’s Ark zoo, featured in this and other blogs in recent weeks has apparently been suspended by the British and Irish Association of Zoos (BIAZA), according to the New Humanist blog (Creationist zoo suspended from British zoo association).  Amusingly, I suspect this has more to do with the inappropriate disposal of a dead tiger than any inappropriate mis-education they have indulged in.

It turns out that in addition to accusations they have been breeding animals for circuses (kind of frowned upon these days), The New Humanist reports that:

…it was discovered that the body of a tiger which died during childbirth at the zoo was disposed of in a way that contravenes animal disposal regulations – its paws, head and skin were removed, the carcass was buried on owner Anthony Bush’s land, and the head was revealed to have been kept in a freezer at the zoo.


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