UK Creation Museum – watch this and weep

PZ Myers at Pharyngula has pointed out this video over at YouTube.  Watch this and see how many mis-statements and downright distortions you can spot in this “museum”.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Sometimes I shudder to think how those who believe in divine creation miss out on the true beauty and wonder of life and its origins.  The owners of the museum appear to have taken after some of Harun Yahya’s more repetitive tomes.

3 thoughts on “UK Creation Museum – watch this and weep

    1. I'm never sure how to characterise the kind of systematic mis-statement as shown repeatedly in the videos. I mean, "lies" is perhaps a bit strong. "Willful ignorance", "willful stupidity" and "blinkered view" all spring to mind.

      1. I am an ex-evangelical and can assure you that deep-down most of them know these ideas are rubbish. However, when you have committed so much to "the cause" you can't suddenly say, "I don't believe all this codswallop any more!", so you become absolutely desperate to justify your beliefs, and clutch at almost any straw which will back them up. I genuinely find it all very sad, really.

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