Bizarre: Belief in climate change may be legally recognised as a Philosophical Belief

This is an odd thing that came through on my regular Google search for atheism.

Belief in climate change can be a ‘philosophical belief’
Source: Brodies LLP – In Nicholson v Grainger plc, a tribunal has potentially extended the protection afforded by discrimination law and found that a belief that carbon emissions must be cut to avoid catastrophic climate change could amount to a philosophical belief for the purposes of the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations.

I haven’t investigated further – this requires registration at the Linex Legal site, and having no legal background, I’d probably not get a lot from it!  But it does seem to me that a belief based on a body of evidence (whether that belief isin favour of global warming or not) is substantially diferent from a belief based on ancient scripts!

One thought on “Bizarre: Belief in climate change may be legally recognised as a Philosophical Belief

  1. I don`t buy into the "Global Warming" arguments myself (though I`m always in favour of measures to reduce consumption and pollution), but I must say that this does seem to be stupid! You can argue for and against the theory, but despite the fact that some of its supporters do seem somewhat evangelical, I do assume that if the evidence showed that the theory was not correct they would have the good sense to admit to that, just as I try to keep an open mind on the subject. This, by the way, seems to be the big danger to me: that if the evidence so far presented is at some future date found to be inaccurate, especially when it is pushed with such missionary fervour, the general public are just going to say "To hell with it" and throw the baby out with the bathwater!!

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