Darwinius masillae – the BBC World Service gets it…

I switched on the radio this morning and fortuitously caught this morning’s edition of Science in Action.  The first item in the programme was Ida, the unlikely name given to Darwinius masillae, possibly the most over-hyped fossil in recent years (check my comments to my previous blog article for links to the growing controversy).

In the radio show, one of the authors of the paper speaks briefly, but is then followed by a series of contributors who basically say – while this is a spectacularly well-reserved fossil, no this isn’t quite as important as the media puffery would make out.  Steve Jones takes exception to the use of “missing link”.

You can listen to the show through BBC iPlayer (well, you can in the UK, and maybe elsewhere, given that this is the World Service) for the next week: Science in Action, Friday 22nd May (presumably I caught a repeat broadcast)..

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