According to Cormac Murphy O’Connor, I am not fully human

Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor is on record as saying atheists are not fully human:

This is a man who some hope to have elevated to the House of Lords.  Well, this should in any rational world put him way out of the frame.  There’s a petition against punting him up to the Lords here.

Hat tip to Evolved and Rat/i/onal and The Freethinker.

3 thoughts on “According to Cormac Murphy O’Connor, I am not fully human

  1. I call him Comic Murphy O`Connor myself, but I`m afraid he`s not that funny really! This video appears on other blogs, as I`m sure you realize, and some wag has commented that whereas atheists are not fully human, apparently embryos ARE – hahahahaha!!! However have a look at this posting for 12th May: – talk about prescient!!

    1. I read about the quote some time ago (I don't know if the dimwit Cardinal has said this stuff on more than one occasion), but hearing the audio recording made it pretty clear what he meant,
      And the Jesus and Mo cartoon is damned fine – thanks for the tip off!

  2. I suspect that he`s been preaching the same thing since he was a seminarian (fr L "semen" of course: say no more!), as they all have these pet ideas that they keep sounding off about – they sound good to them, so they think everyone else is going to be mightily impressed!! It did seem strange, though, that the jesusandmo cartoon came up just a couple of days prior to the appearance of the video (doubtless the Lord`s hand guiding in a very real way there!!!).

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