Jesus App banned from iPhone

Apple have earned themselves a bit of a reputation for banning applications written for their (admittedly gorgeous) iPhone  and iPod Touch.  Usually these seem to be banned on the grounds of bad taste. And who could argue that the iBoobs app could be considered offensive?  Just in case my gentle readers are of sensitive disposition, I’ve placed the iBoobs video below the fold…
Well, I’m not terribly offended, but I do think it’s a bit silly.  Now, The Register reports (Apple: No Jesus on the Jesus Phone) that an equally stupid app that superimposes a facial photo onto a religious image has been banned.  Actually, it would seem that the app superimposes a religious image on top of a user photo.  Anyway.  Judge for yourself whether it’s offensive:

Me So Holy iPhone App from Benjamin Margolis on Vimeo.

I suppose there are those who feel their religious sensibilities are being offended.  I say – if the app had been ignored, no-one would have known it was there…

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