Creationists vs Texas – “preposterously stupid”

PZ Myers has posted a link to a blog article (Evaluating Christianity – You Don’t Trust Creationists With Your Science Education… Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust Their Lawyers, Either), which dissects the legal action taken by the Institution for Creation Research against the Texas Higher Education Coordination Board (THCB).

Believe it or not, the ICR wish to offer Masters degrees in science.  Quite understandably, since the ICR are barking creationists, this was refused.  As a consequence, they’ve filed suit.  The blog article linked above makes amusing reading, as the filing appears to fail at so many levels. Here’s a nice quote from the blog:

There are no words to describe the vacuity of this argument. It is so preposterously stupid that I cannot imagine any second-year law student who has paid the slightest bit of attention in his Con Law class at a seventh-rate law school would make it.

One is left with the supposition that this is a legal brief filed with the intention of failure, in order to fuel their claims of persecution and cries of discrimination.  Presumably this is part of a longer-term strategy.

2 thoughts on “Creationists vs Texas – “preposterously stupid”

  1. Why are they trying to teach Science? They don't appear to know any, and I'm sure they'd be the first to object if MIT (say) started offering degrees in theology!

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