Student Arts Festival Exercises Christian Voice

A rather good sounding student arts festival began this weekend in St Andrews (BBC News –Students take to festival stage).  Included in about 70 performances held in 12 venues around the town, the On the Rocks event also showcases the talents of the local non-student community.  There’s a variety of performances, from Shakespeare to Peter Pan, and a film festival, complete with competition.  So, what’s the problem?

Well, it turns out that one of the performances is Jerry Springer: The Opera over which a considerable kerfuffle was raised a few years ago, when a production was aired on the BBC.  Perhaps that’s why the BBC News report focusses on this item.  It’s what’s generated another mouthing-off by bonkers christian agitator Stephen Green.  Of course his defeat in his blasphemy case against the BBC’s showing of Jerry Springer: The Opera not only revised UK blasphemy, but reputedly reduced him to the verge of bankruptcy.  Unfortunately his vile Christian Voice organisation is still active, and still upset by the Jerry Springer show, as the BBC report relates:

Christian Voice branded the university a “cess pit” and members will be handing out leaflets ahead of the performances.

National director of Christian Voice, Stephen Green, said: “The university and the students in it have rather lost touch with any notion of civilised behaviour.

“It’s all very well for the principal to bleat on about freedom of speech, but freedom of speech comes with responsibilities.

“It’s all very well for her to say we trust the students, but they don’t trust the students enough to mark their own exam papers so there’s a lot of duplicity and hypocrisy going on at St Andrews.”

I don’t know whether CV agitators will be handing out leaflets at the event, but I do wish the hypocritical twerps would just accept defeat and naff off into the distance. (For some more links about Stephen Green, see Stephen Green, Christian Voice and vaccinations, and also this Wikipedia page, which gives some more information on Stephen Green, Christian Voice, and their objectionable opinions and policies.)

Update:  Barrie’s also covered this story over at The Freethinker (Green resurfaces to protest against JSTO) – according to The Courier (Protests against Jerry Springer musical) there was one protestor on Saturday evening (a St Andrews theology academic), and about 20 CV drones, including Green on Sunday.

3 thoughts on “Student Arts Festival Exercises Christian Voice

  1. The Christians are in exactly the same boat as the Mohammedans again here. They must remain absolutely free to make whatever insulting and offensive remarks they like about others (in particular the gay/transgendered community), but no one must criticise THEIR precious beliefs. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming, and it`s time this odious creep Green was put in his place.

    1. I quite agree. One might have expected that Green would have had second thoughts about pursuing the Jerry Springer opera again after he came close to bankruptcy and brought about the revision of blasphemy laws, though I suppose that would require a level of rational thinking.

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