Stephen Green, Christian Voice and vaccinations

Stephen Green, the batty bloke behind Christian Voice, resurfaced this week (after a glorious period of silence) as one of the complainants over the Corrie-creationism brouhaha.  Coincidentally, I notice that The Lay Scientist, who’s been blogging lately about The Daily Mail and its bizarre campaign against vaccination (oddly this appears to be restricted to it’s UK operation – its Irish output takes the opposite view) has posted an amusing article about the ASA’s comprehensive slapdown of Christian Voice (Christian Voice, the HPV Vaccine and Freedom of Speech).  The final paragraph is:

This of course is the same Stephen Green who sued the BBC for blasphemy, who upon the abolition of blasphemy laws in 2008 threatened that Christians would have to “take matters into their own hands” if people said anything that might offend God or Christ. In other words this odious little creature, a man who believes that husbands should have the right to rape their wives at will believes in freedom of speech only when it applies to him. He is a disgrace, to fellow Christians and to human beings in general.

Some of the commenters follow those links and are pretty appalled by what they find.

2 thoughts on “Stephen Green, Christian Voice and vaccinations

  1. I can tell you from my personal experience that a great many evangelical Christians in sects like the Plymouth Brethren, while criticising the Jehovah`s Witnesses over their barmy views on blood-transfusions (it`s unlawful to DRINK blood in the O.T.), staunchly refuse to have their children vaccinated/inoculated on grounds of conscience. It`s something to do with introducing disease into the childrens` bodies – they argue that if "the Lord" wants them to get the disease they will, and of course in the very rare cases where that does happen (due to either the activities of Satan/the inscrutable will of God – take your pick) the very same "Lord" will see to it that the precious lives of their offspring are preserved – unless that`s NOT in His wondrous plan!! (People of normal intelligence may be finding it difficult to keep up here!!!) You really do have to do mental cartwheels to comprehend all this nonsense, and it leaves me bemused that the press are continually branding the J.W.s loopy, extremist child-abusers but say absolutely nothing about this – unless of course it`s all true, and "the Lord" really is miraculously protecting all the children of evangelicals from harm!!!!!

  2. I completely agree with you that Stephen Green is batty and an embarrassment to the whole race, not just Christians, but the post above is equally batty. Don't know what personal experience barriejohn is referring to, but I have been around evangelical Christians most of my adult life and have never encountered a single one who resisted having their children vaccinated on religious grounds (might be the odd one or two who decide against a specific vaccination on the 'balance of risks' arguments that all parents have to weigh up, but nothing to do with religious conviction). To say that a 'great many evangelical Christians' do this is simply wrong.

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