The History of Everything

This blog is entitled “Wonderful Life” mostly because I find the world around me wonderful, in part because of what we do know of its origins, but also because of what we don’t (yet) know.  I don’t need to have any invisible creator to have instigated, directed or interfered in any way in the origins of life.  I noticed that PZ Myers of Pharyngula has posted this diagram (God’s timeline) of the history of the Universe (seen from a human perspective), comparing the scientific and creationist explanations:


I think the diagram originated over at Petros Goes On And On A Bit.  The diagram’s cool because it shows the enormity of big time, and how long the development of our planet and the life on it has taken to arise – and contrasts it with the truly less-than-wonderful biblical explanation.

Now, I know which I find more wonderful…

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