James Randi Educational Foundation banned by YouTube

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It appears that the James Randi Educational Foundation have had their YouTube account suspended – no reason is known.

The JREF are an outstanding bulwark against the rise of paranormal and supernatural ideas in society, internationally.  I cannot for the life of me see why this decision can have be made.  The JREF’s mission, as quoted from their website:

The James Randi Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996. Its aim is to promote critical thinking by reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today.

Seems eminently reasonable to me.  You can write letters in protest, though I guess it would help if we knew why the JREF’s account had been suspended.

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One thought on “James Randi Educational Foundation banned by YouTube

  1. I have noted a disproportion of atheists are also homosexuals. …..
    I have also had the experience of attempting to take the Randi million dollar challenge only to have him lie to weasel out of my challenge. I can certainly prove he lied that is why I offered him publicly ten thousand dollars if I can not prove he is a liar. He refuses to take my honesty challenge, instead he replies with profanities. If anyone wants to question me on the Randi lies please feel free to contact me.

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