Creationist Ken Ham “ambushed” by the BBC

Pity poor  Ken Ham of the awful  The poor old chap claims  his astrophysicist colleague Dr Jason Lisle was ambushed by BBC Radio, who had requested an interview with him (BBC Radio and Ambush Journalism).

That’s why it was not too surprising that when Dr. Lisle went on the air to be interviewed by the BBC, he quickly found out the BBC had not told us the truth—it turned out to be an attempted ambush—not an interview (as we had been led to believe), but a creation/evolution debate. On the other line was perhaps America’s best-known evolutionist defender, Dr. Eugenie Scott, whose organization has as its sole purpose to counter creationist efforts wherever they can and to uphold evolution. Of course, the BBC didn’t happen to tell us that it was to be a debate, and they didn’t happen to tell us there would be a debate opponent, and they didn’t happen to tell us who the debate opponent would be! Actually, the BBC has done this before—it happened to me a couple of years ago!

Of course, the most probable reason for this is that the good old BBC makes strong efforts to present both sides of an argument – you hear this every day in Radio 4 on the Today programme, so it’s hardly an ambush, for goodness’ sake!  I must try and track down this interview, unfortunately Ham doesn’t reveal what the programme was, so that might be a little difficult.

Later in this blog article, Ham refers to the video debate between Purdom and Shermer (see my article Scary interview with a creationist):

Dr. Purdom does extremely well in dealing with this well-known atheist debater. However, note also the name calling in many of the responses!! Sadly, that is typical of many of those today who oppose creationists.

I have to say that I missed name calling in the interview – I was actually surprised at how Shermer kept his cool despite all the astonishingly stupid things Purdom said.  However.

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