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Mediawatchwatch has a story about a loopy Catholic website that’s been taken down following complaints by MPs (BT closes Catholic website after MP complaints), complete with a link to a web archive page that has a stored copy (Catholic Voice).  OK, so this page is pretty mad stuff, and quite unpleasant in a fascinating sort of way, but I’m less upset by its absence from the web that the guys over at mediawatchwatch.

I found the bonkers conspiracy theory about the 2012 Olympics logo particularly compelling.  Well, OK, no it was as ridiculous as the rest of the stupidly anti-semitic site.  In essence, the author of that particular diatribe claims that the 2012 logo is a concealed message:

Whether or not the Khazar cryptocrats plan a special move in 2012, the year of the next Olympic games, they certainly couldn’t resist parading their criminal hegemony in the odd-looking Olympic logo unveiled on 4 June. For £400,000 they got exactly what they wanted from Jewish brand-consultancy firm Wolff Olins: a deniable emblem of their shibboleth “ZION” masquerading as the date 2012. To do this they used a distracting, grafitti-like typeface in which “2” can be read as either “Z” or “N”. They then went on to arrange the characters in a square so that they can be read either horizontally (“2012”) or vertically (“ZION”). Those tempted to reject this interpretation should ask themselves whether a more rational explanation can be found for an otherwise inexplicably feeble logo.

I’m not sure what a cryptocrat is, and I dislike the 2012 logo (yes, I think it’s feeble), but this is a pretty pathetic conspiracy theorist who’s left his tinfoil hat off.  Here’s the evidence he provides.

The 2012 Olympic logo
The 2012 Olympic logo

The 2012 logo (on the left) is in the eye of the crackpot website author quite clearly an obfuscated version of the word “zion” (see the rearranged version on the right).

2012 logo rearranged
2012 logo rearranged

Patently absurd claims pile up:  the author also claims that Tony Blair’s statement”When people see the new brand, we want them to be inspired to make a positive change in their life” is key to the conspiracy, as he’s clearly wanting people to be open to “Zionist domination”, as he’s a Freemason.  Well now, I found Tony Blair’s tenure in number 10 rather more disappointing than I’d hoped at the 1997 general election, but good grief, the guy’s an Anglican turned Catholic!

So, still unsure what a “cryptocrat” is (online dictionaries were no use), I retire from looking at this now-defunct website.  I don’t know whether BT have blocked the site, or taken it down, but either way, I expect the authors to reinstate it on some other host.

Postcript.  I wonder if the author of Catholic Voice listens to records played backwards?

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  1. Hi Bob. Wonderful entertainment.

    A "cryptocrat" is a secret ruler, one of those shadowy manipulators that conspiracy theorists imagine control the world.

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