Scary interview with a creationist

Over at Pharyngula, PZ Myers presents a video interview recorded at the Creation Museum (Shermer at the Creation Museum – link to the video via that page, or directly here) between Michael Shermer and a Science Researcher at the Creation Museum, Georgia Purdom.  This is challenging to watch – Purdom has a PhD in Molecular Genetics from Ohio State University, but just listen to the non sequiturs she comes out with in the name of rationalising the conflict between reality and the tiny world her faith forces her into.

It’s over 24 minutes of intellectual dishonesty ducking and diving while Shermer keeps his cool and good humour:I’m particularly impressed by how calm Michael Shermer keeps in the face of this so-called researcher. And how right Myers is when he comments

[…] when Shermer presses her on what kinds of experiments she would do to test her assertions, she says, “We wouldn’t do that because we know there’s no point in doing that, because the Bible has the answer.” There’s no science there; that’s a plain admission.

Personally, I’m astonished by the way she can talk about “what science tells us” and then knee-jerk back to biblical literalism (although as Myers points out, despite Purdom inveighing against interpretation of the bible versus a literal reading, this bollocks about the world being 6000 years old is itself a “biblical interpretation”).

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