CPS protection for Scientology?

For all that I despair about the dusty old mediaevalism of most extant religions, some recent efforts really are beyond the pale.

Dianetics - launched in "Astounding Science Fiction", 1950
Dianetics - launched in "Astounding Science Fiction", 1950

Scientology, a money-making religion set up on the back of Dianetics, a cod-psychology system devised by L. Ron Hubbard, a second rate SF writer has according to reports at the Mail online been offered CPS protection under hate laws (CPS gives Scientologists same legal protection as mainstream religions).  You can also read The Freethinker’s take on this story –Scientology to get religious law protection in the UK.  From the Mail Online:

The Crown Prosecution Service has decided that anyone who attacks Scientology can be prosecuted under faith hate laws.

The move will for the first time provide the controversial Church of Scientology – described by some as a cult – the same protection as other mainstream religions.

Critics of the organisation, whose members include Tom Cruise and John Travolta, attacked the decision last night, saying it would encourage Scientologists to push for official recognition in Britain.

I would recommend those in favour of such an act of stupidity to read Russell Miller’s biography of L. Ron Hubbard, Bare-Faced Messiah.  It is very informative on the nature of Scientology and how it came to be set up.

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