Will NASA’s Kepler space telescope spot angels?

The BBC reports on the NASA Kepler space telescope, and how the mission hopes to identify remote planetary systems (Is there anybody out there?).  The article features a number of commentaries, including one from Brother Guy Consolmagno of the Vatican’s observatory.  Apparently he’s confident there is extra-terrestrial intelligent life because

The Bible has many references to, or descriptions of, non-human intelligent beings; after all, that’s what angels are.

Fortunately the Vatican has come to terms with heliocentric astronomy nowadays.  But still, it must be fairly challenging to be a Vatican astronomer.  Brother Guy is pleasingly realistic about the likelihood of making contact with aliens in his lifespan (but I guess that means he doesn’t expect to meet angels).  He has had an interesting career before becoming a Jesuit (and actually afterwards) and ending up at the Vatican Observatory, judging from his web page.  He’s certainly well-qualified as a planetary scientist, and he sounds like someone it would be interesting to talk to.  I’d love to know how he squares science with religion.

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