The Big Question – The Bible and Evolution

The other week I received an email enquiring whether I would be interested in appearing on the live Sunday morning programme “The Big Question” (it’s made by an independent TV station for BBC TV) debating whether a belief in the bible could be reconciled with a belief in evolution.  As someone with no experience in live TV, I declined.  Daniel Florien has posted  a link to a YouTube video on his excellent blog Unreasonable Faith (Is Evolution and the Bible Compatible?).  Oh I am so glad I declined the invitation!

I imagine from the title of the clip, that the segment on evolution has been split into two sections, this being part one.  The creationist guy is so wilfully ignorant it hurts.  The creationist arguments are the same tired old crap.

The bottom line for is that yes, it is possible to believe in the bible and evolution, because some people do.  Personally, I find it had to see how they can be reconciled, but some evidently do.

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