Home Secretary “bans God from the UK”

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith gets pretty short shrift from me on my other blog, but that’s really about the typical Home Secretary attributes of draconian databases and drug control etc.  She recently banned  a Dutch politician (who had made an anti-Islam film) from visiting the House of Lords, and now a band of loony-tune baptists from Westboro Baptist Church.

Phelps, who runs the Primitive Baptist Westboro church in Topeka, Kansas – most of whose congregation are members of his family, including his 13 children wanted to object to a school in Basingstoke (or as Phelps puts it, Bassingstoke), who planned to stage a play about the murder of a a homosexual.  Phelps and co are real nut-jobs, and have a real hatred of homosexuals.  I hadn’t realised quite how much of a nut-job he is until I saw this video at YouTube:

This is just awesome stuff, particularly the website URLs touted at the end of this insane video.  If he wasn’t preaching such vile hate, this’d be a comedy gem. And in case you are wondering, Phelps does claim that the UK has banned God (hence the title of this post).

(Hat tip to the New Humanist)

See also The Guardian – Anti-gay American cleric banned from UK for inciting hatred

2 thoughts on “Home Secretary “bans God from the UK”

  1. I live in the US (in the Bible Belt, no less), and Fred Phelps and his crew are truly hated by even many conservative Christians. There was much cheering and laughter around here when he was banned.

  2. There’s actually been considerable soul-searching over here about the wisdom of banning individuals from entering the UK. I have read that Phelps and co often threaten to travel to make protests but rarely do so – if that’s the case, the Home Secretary has just supplied more publicity (and of course I and other bloggers have added to that).
    Of course we have our own ultra-religious nutters, often in a more friendly guise, such as the Christian Party (I’ve another blog article about them) – in a sense they are more dangerous because they move in political circles and appear to be less deranged.

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