Stephen Green is back!

Hot on the heels of his latest slapdown from the ASA, it’s reported by The Scotsman (Jerry Springer sparks holy row at St Andrews) that he and his band of fellow fanatics, Christian Voice, are taking exception to a theatre group at St Andrews University planning to put on a production of Jerry Springer: the Opera.  This, you may recall, was the opera which led to Green’s defeat at the hands of the courts (though apparently he made such a fuss it’s theatrical run is supposed to have been curtailed.  At the time it was reported that the judgement was to lead to his bankruptcy, but that appears not to have happened.

Interestingly, the lad who is behind the staging is a practising Christian, but presumably he reckons that since Christianity has survived for two millennia against sterner opposiion than an opera, the various churches have nothing to fear.  Not so Stephen Green, who’s previous legal action against “Jerry Springer, the Opera” led to removal of blasphemy laws (good result) and his near bankruptcy.  You can read Christian Voice’s press release here.  It’s a typically bonkers statement.  And adds further support to the suggestion that Christian Voice is something of a one man band.

MediaWatchWatch’s take is here: Springer’s back!

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