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SRAM eTap Aero – Part 4

This is a longer term follow up to the previous postings on my experiences with the SRAM Red eTap Aero derailleur system. I was an early adopter, buying the eTap aero kit in early 2016. A bit of a glitch… Continue Reading →

As maintenance-free as possible…

A few months ago, I reviewed the Shand Stoater bike that I’d bought as a problem-free commuter bike / tourer / winter bike – it’s equipped with a Rohloff hub gear and a Gates carbondrive belt rather than derailleur gears… Continue Reading →

SRAM eTap Aero – Part 3

Just a brief update on my last posting about the SRAM eTap Aero kit. I now have a fully functional eTap set up on my main time trial bike, almost two months to the day that I first reported the… Continue Reading →

SRAM eTap Aero – Part 2

This is a longer-term update: I’ve ridden with the eTap Aero group on my Cervelo P5 for pretty much the whole of the 2016 season, from mid-March through to my traditional season closing event, the Duo Normand in late September…. Continue Reading →

SRAM eTap Aero

I’ve been something of a retro-Luddite when it comes to gear-shifting technology. Party this is because I had several 9 speed race wheels, and I wanted to maintain interchangeability between bikes, and (I am embarrassed to admit) I found it… Continue Reading →

HiFiBerry DAC for the Raspberry Pi

I mentioned at the end of my previous blog article on the Raspberry Pi that I had a DAC board in transit. Well it has arrived, I’ve fitted it and after a few trials and tribulations, it is set up… Continue Reading →

2013 – My year in cycling

2013 was a bit of  a mixed bag for me cycling-wise. In terms of results, my racing was decidedly sub-par. We didn’t have our usual cycle tour in Scotland. But I did at least hang in there and not give… Continue Reading →

New tandem, part 5

This is merely a brief addendum to the previous four parts of this tandem review, and really addresses any additions and/or modifications to the original spec of the tandem as delivered. While I think this tandem is a real tandemist’s tandem… Continue Reading →

Tubeless road tyres?

Can anyone explain why tubeless tyres are such an advantage for road bicycles?  The push towards tubeless tyres is exemplified by this review of Easton tubeless aero wheels at Velonews. Early in the review, we see this: Cars, motorcycles, and… Continue Reading →

New tandem, part 2

Astonishingly, two weeks after I placed the order for the new tandem, I received an email notifying me that it had been built and was ready for dispatch. I say ‘astonishingly’ because I’d been led to believe it would take… Continue Reading →

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