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Favourite iPad apps

This is a listing of my favourite iPad apps: Dropbox – Absoutely invaluable for shifting files too and from the iPad; synchronise files between iPad and other computers; useful for collaborations Squeezepad – Excellent and easy to use interface for… Continue Reading →

App stores on PCs…Macs…Linux

Following the announcement of the upcoming OSX app store, it’s reported that Microsoft is (supposedly) working on a Windows app store, too. Hang on – isn’t this what we do with Ubuntu? One of the things that delayed my buy-in… Continue Reading →

I fought iTunes, and iTunes won!

Just a brief addendum to the previous posting about iTunes, iPod Touch and Rhythmbox.  Since then, I’ve ended up with updating iTunes on two PCs.  I intended to shift everything to the new Win7 PC (though in truth I rarely… Continue Reading →

Rhythmbox vs iTunes vs

I’ve had an iPod Touch for some time now (it’s one of the 2G versions, with 32Gb storage), and the device is exactly what I need – something to play music from, to access my email & calendar, and to… Continue Reading →

First thoughts on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

A few days into the newest release from Canonical, Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.04 (Lucid Lynx), what are my initial opinions?  On the whole the upgrade from 9.10 went very smoothly.  Since I’m using a customised desktop with Compiz effects, I didn’t… Continue Reading →

Firefox Ghostery plug-in causing grief?

I’ve been using the Firefox plug-in Ghostery for some time now to prevent web-tracking scripts, except when there was a buggy release that prevented Firefox from closing down cleanly.  I just upgraded Ubuntu GNU/Linux to 10.04 (Lucid Lynx), and as… Continue Reading →

Microsoft to contribute to Joomla. Oh no.

Via The Register, I came across a link to a blog article (Microsoft Contributing More to OSS | Josh Holmes) enthusing about a move by Microsoft permitting its employees to contribute to the open source CMS Joomla!. [Edit: Josh Holmes… Continue Reading →

Mythbuntu, part 3

I’ve been playing further with Mythbuntu. Using the Mythbuntu 9.10 installation (which uses MythTV 0.22), I never managed to get the Hauppauge remote working at all. And then it seemed to me that there was a rather a lot of… Continue Reading →

Mythbuntu, part 2

Some progress.  I now have Mythbuntu 9.10 working on at least one of the TV input channels. It seems to work very well, with easy to navigate programming schedules.  The first real test to to record a couple of films… Continue Reading →

Easter projects – Drupal vs Joomla! and tangling with Mythbuntu

Usually, the short holidays such as Xmas and Easter provide me with the opportunity to put some time aside to deal with ongoing projects, often related to websites and/or computing.  This easter was no exception – I decided to overhaul… Continue Reading →

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