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Libel Reform – website and report

This looks to be good.  As legal blogger Jack of Kent writes today (Libel Reform: Free Speech is not for Sale), two pressure groups, English Pen and Index on Censorship, have conducted a joint inquiry into English libel law –… Continue Reading →

Lord Mandelson's disconnected proposals over filesharing

Lord Mandelson, the unelected Minister in charge of a vast swathe of Government business via his roles as the current First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, President of the Board of Trade and Lord… Continue Reading →

EU law may stop the intrusive e-Borders scheme

As part of its authoritarian stance on everything the public do, the UK Government has set its sights on controlling ingress and egress across our borders, via the notorious 53 Questions that travellers will need to supply answers to before… Continue Reading →

Great Australian Firewall function creep

I’ve blogged before on the Great Australian Firewall – this being the plans of the Australian Government to take concepts of child protection to the extent of internet filtering to levels seen in (for example) China.  The whole process got… Continue Reading →

ID cards – the big lie

The UK Government’s obsession with knowing what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and what we’re planning on doing is not only intrusive but borders on the dangerous.  The Daily Telegraph reports (ID cards: taxman allowed access to personal data) that… Continue Reading →

DNA fingerprint databases: Apparently I am "against justice"

The BBC reports (DNA data plan comes under fire) that the Government’s wholly inadequate response to the European Court of Human Rights ruling that retention of DNA profiles of individuals who have not been convicted of an offence is attracting… Continue Reading →

Wacky Jacqui still wants to know what we're doing online

So, despite Home Secretary Wacky Jacqui’s decision to scrap the Interception Modernisation Programme (or at least the database aspects of it), she’s still desperate for the security services to get their mitts on our internet activity. The Register today (Jacqui’s… Continue Reading →

The Growing Cost of the Database State

Henry Porter’s written in The Guardian on the growing desire of the present UK Government for data control…and the spiralling costs (Paying billions for our database state).  There are two frightening aspects. Firstly, the evident desire of our Government to… Continue Reading →

What happened to the promised consultation on the IMP?

We were promised consultation on the Interception Modernisation Programme (IMP) by early in 2009, but as far as I can see this hasn’t happened yet.  Of course, in that time, we’ve seen considerable discussion of communication interception technologies (such as… Continue Reading →

Arrested for thoughtcrime?

The news that police have raided a meeting of climate campaigners on suspicion of plotting a protest at a power station near Nottingham (BBC News – Police hold 114 in power protest) doesn’t seem to have been questioned – isn’t… Continue Reading →

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