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Sydney Brenner on C. elegans

The latest issue of Genetics to flop onto my desk has a rather nice article by Sydney Brenner entitled “In the Beginning Was the Worm…“. This brief article (in the regularly excellent Perspectives section) presents an account of the origins… Continue reading →

Stalin – voted third greatest Russian?

The BBC reports that Stalin has been voted into third place in a poll for the greatest Russian, held by a Russian TV station. Never mind that he was born in Gori in Georgia! (You may recall Gori from the… Continue reading →

The computer mouse is 40 years old…

 Here’s a demo film from 1968 showing one of the first computer mice…I love the peculiar combined keyboard/mouse pad that resembles an airline meal tray. [video:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1MPJZ6M52dI&feature=related 425×344]

FlyTree – Academic heritage of Drosophila research

Here’s an cool page showing academic pedigrees of Drosophila workers: FlyTree.  It’s interesting to see how few steps it takes to get back as far as T. H. Morgan!  For example, here’s where I fit in the grand scheme: Robert… Continue reading →

The Whisperers – Orlando Figes

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