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Volumio Music Streamer

Nice elegant software for a Raspberry Pi-based music streamer, easily installed and with a terrific interface and robust performance, but let down by its approach to using tags and browsing options. I recently had a play with the Volumio music… Continue Reading →

Bluetooth Squeezebox on the cheap

Detailed instructions for setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero W as a Bluetooth-enabled music player for the Logitech Media Server streaming system. I’m a long term user of Logitech’s Squeezebox music server system. Despite Logitech discontinuing their line of Squeezebox… Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 – the return of the stylus

So far, I have owned and used iPads (first generation iPad, third generation iPad and a first generation iPad mini for work). I posted previously about my search for a usable stylus for iPad (Smartphones, tablets and styli). This was… Continue Reading →

Rune Audio media player

I’m always interested in tinkering with alternative audio usage of my Raspberry Pi devices. As standard, I’m using them as Squeezebox substitutes, running the minimalist OS piCorePlayer, though I’ve also tried Squeezeplug and Raspbian for this. Rune Audio, which I… Continue Reading →

Using a Raspberry Pi as a Squeezebox

I have recently been playing around with using Raspberry Pi devices as streaming music players within a Squeezebox-based system. I’ve arrived at quite a comprehensive arrangement, which includes a Pi as a player: This is a rough illustration of my… Continue Reading →

A Second Raspberry Pi Squeezebox

In my first foray into Raspberry PI, I set one up as a Squeezebox networked music player using piCorePlayer – this one has a HiFiBerry DAC card and is remarkably easy to use – to switch it on or off… Continue Reading →

piCorePlayer – Squeezebox on a Pi

Adventures in Raspberry Pi Land When the Raspberry Pi was announced a few years ago, I was rather attracted by this low power but very flexible educational computer but never bought one until recently, when I fancied having a bit… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi as a Squeezebox

I’ve blogged in the past about the really rather wonderful but sadly discontinued Squeezebox system of networked media players (see for example 2013 – My year as a music consumer and Squeezebox RIP). It hadn’t escaped my notice that the… Continue Reading →

Chez Grumpy gets a new router

Where I live, firmly in the home counties, we have a pretty crap electricity supply.  It is prone to cutting out unexpectedly.  This afternoon was one such occasion, and when the power came back my router (a Netgear model, slightly… Continue Reading →

A variety of iPad apps

Over the year and a bit that I’ve had my iPad, I’ve tried a variety of apps.  Many of these I’ve spotted in reviews on a variety of tech websites, and some of which I’ve located myself in the app… Continue Reading →

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