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My year in blogging

2010 seemed to bring with it several directions for my web presence. My main Flies&Bikes website tended towards becoming a vehicle for reporting on my cycle racing, usually amplifying on the reports on club events filed at the North Bucks… Continue Reading →

Squeezebox Radio – new gadget!

The bearded rotund dude clad in red paid a visit a few days ago, leaving a selection of gifts, among them a Squeezebox Radio.  This is part of a range of wi-fi audio devices from Logitech – I already have… Continue Reading →

Goodwill to all…

The Rev Dr Peter Hearty of the excellent ‘Platitude of the Day‘ website is clearly concerned that former Archbish Carey is rather upset at the (supposed) continued victimisation of christians in the UK*.  He thinks we should send Christmas cards… Continue Reading →

Recent blogging activity

The flies&bikes blog has been a bit quiet lately.  This has been partly because I’ve been rather distracted by events and activities at work, partly because much of what I write about relates to my bike racing (which is seasonal),… Continue Reading →

Of oysters, oyster stout and kangaroo – and giant puffballs

After this morning’s rather lacklustre time trial (see previous post), it was off to Woburn for the annual Oyster Festival, in which the town that’s possibly furthest from the sea transforms itself into Woburn-by-the-sea for a weekend.  The centre of… Continue Reading →

It's not "magical", it's not "revolutionary" – but it's very nice (iPad that is)

Image via Wikipedia Well, after several months eyeing up the range of iPads, during which time I thought long and hard about what I might actually use one of these things for, I finally took the plunge and bought one… Continue Reading →

Laurent Fignon RIP reports (Former Tour de France winner loses fight against cancer) that Laurent Fignon, double Tour de France winner has died after suffering from cancer.  Sad news.

Welsh councillor gets hassle for labelling Scientology "stupid"

The New Humanist blog is one of many web sites reporting on a fracas involving criticism via Twitter of Scientology (Welsh councillor in trouble for calling Scientology “stupid” on Twitter ). The synopsis of this story is that When Cardiff… Continue Reading →

Phorm issues shares to raise cash

The much-disliked company Phorm, who develop probably illegal systems for probing web traffic using deep packet inspection with a view to selling on internet users’ browsing habits, have been hitting rocky times lately.  With no commercial partners currently working with… Continue Reading →

Whitewebbs CC '10' 3/7/10 – my fastest since 2002!

Over the last couple of days, the fine weather had continued, but since Wednesday it had become less humid making for better racing conditions.  I travelled over to the race HQ in Great Amwell with Tony.  The course for the… Continue Reading →

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