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Volumio Music Streamer

Nice elegant software for a Raspberry Pi-based music streamer, easily installed and with a terrific interface and robust performance, but let down by its approach to using tags and browsing options. I recently had a play with the Volumio music… Continue Reading →

Bluetooth Squeezebox on the cheap

Detailed instructions for setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero W as a Bluetooth-enabled music player for the Logitech Media Server streaming system. I’m a long term user of Logitech’s Squeezebox music server system. Despite Logitech discontinuing their line of Squeezebox… Continue Reading →

Mini HiFi

I have posted before now about the excellent Squeezebox streaming audio system from Logitech that is sadly now discontinued. Since Logitech knocked their line of Squeezebox players on the head, the system seems to continue flourishing, thanks to the open source… Continue Reading →

Bizarre design flaw in the Cowon X7 media player?

After Apple replaced my 2 gigabyte first generation iPod Nano with a nifty little 8Gb sixth generation model (due to a product recall), I found myself using that in preference to my Cowon X7, even though the latter has 160Gb… Continue Reading →

Rune Audio media player

I’m always interested in tinkering with alternative audio usage of my Raspberry Pi devices. As standard, I’m using them as Squeezebox substitutes, running the minimalist OS piCorePlayer, though I’ve also tried Squeezeplug and Raspbian for this. Rune Audio, which I… Continue Reading →

Using a Raspberry Pi as a Squeezebox

I have recently been playing around with using Raspberry Pi devices as streaming music players within a Squeezebox-based system. I’ve arrived at quite a comprehensive arrangement, which includes a Pi as a player: This is a rough illustration of my… Continue Reading →

piCorePlayer – Squeezebox on a Pi

Adventures in Raspberry Pi Land When the Raspberry Pi was announced a few years ago, I was rather attracted by this low power but very flexible educational computer but never bought one until recently, when I fancied having a bit… Continue Reading →

2013 – My year as a music consumer

2013 was the year that I started to take music streaming seriously. I embarked upon a premium subscription to Spotify around February (largely  for playback via an old iPad while training in the garage), and it has revolutionised my music… Continue Reading →

Spotify, its business model and its future

Prompted by an article in The Guardian (Spotify opens up analytics in effort to prove its worth to doubting musicians), I visited a Spotify website which seeks to de-mystify the periodic brouhaha around Spotify’s business model and whether or not… Continue Reading →

My month in cycling (soundtrack of my training) – October 2013

Been a while since I posted about cycling – the explanation is that I’ve mostly been in the garage pounding the turbo. To deal with the tedium that is turbo-training, I’ve been listening to a variety of music via Spotify… Continue Reading →

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