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As maintenance-free as possible…

A few months ago, I reviewed the Shand Stoater bike that I’d bought as a problem-free commuter bike / tourer / winter bike – it’s equipped with a Rohloff hub gear and a Gates carbondrive belt rather than derailleur gears… Continue reading →

A New Bike for 2019 – Shand Stoater

One of the things about commuting and touring that can be a bit irritating is keeping the transmission running sweetly in the face of sometimes wet and horrible weather. In the past I’ve had rusted and worn chains, clogged derailleurs… Continue reading →

Remodelling a Cervelo P3

This autumn/winter, I planned to refurbish my 2010 Cervelo P3. Over the last year or two, I’d gone from 9 speed to 11 speed Dura-Ace, so that I could swap wheels with my main time trial bike, a Cervelo P5,… Continue reading →

The 2018 Duo Normand

We approached the 2018 Duo Normand with considerable interest, as there would be a new course used. Grumpy Bob had visited the course on a low intensity tandem trundle round at the end of August. But riding it on the… Continue reading →

Astwood ’20’ 15/9/18

I realise I haven’t blogged too often about time trialling (and cycling in general) this year. That reflects considerable personal and work-related things getting in the way of (a) training, (b) racing, (c) cycle touring and (d) blogging. At this… Continue reading →

Looking ahead to the 2018 Duo Normand

After a fatality due to a collision between riders and another team’s following car a couple of years ago, a change in course was pretty much inevitable. In 2017, the teams’ following cars were taken off the course prior to… Continue reading →

Cycling in Normandy 2018

We visited Normandy again this year for about a week and half of riding bikes and eating seafood. I prepared another report in Microsoft Sway, embedded below.  

Norlond ’10’ F15/10 5/5/18

So now I’ve started, I’ll continue! This event was held on a spectacularly sunny and warm afternoon. I rode over to the HQ in Lidlington. This was a pleasant ride marred only by a puncture  just after riding through Ridgmont…. Continue reading →

Astwood ’10’ 2/5/18

The 2018 season has been pretty awful so far. I had not completed a single one of the NBRC events (which began in early March). Roughly speaking, these fell out as follows: Sat 3rd March, Astwood – Event abandoned due… Continue reading →

A visit to the F. T. Bidlake Memorial

I live and time trial in the London North District, where the flagship course over many years has been the F1, which uses the A1 dual carriageway (formerly the Great North Road). The Great North Road has been significant in… Continue reading →

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