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SRAM eTap Aero – Part 4

This is a longer term follow up to the previous postings on my experiences with the SRAM Red eTap Aero derailleur system. I was an early adopter, buying the eTap aero kit in early 2016. A bit of a glitch… Continue Reading →

2019 Duo Normand

As I think I noted in one of the rare posts here this year, plans to ride the Duo Normand in 2019 were initially thwarted by a date clash, but ultimately the organisers rescheduled the event to 15th September (not,… Continue Reading →

As maintenance-free as possible…

A few months ago, I reviewed the Shand Stoater bike that I’d bought as a problem-free commuter bike / tourer / winter bike – it’s equipped with a Rohloff hub gear and a Gates carbondrive belt rather than derailleur gears… Continue Reading →

A New Bike for 2019 – Shand Stoater

One of the things about commuting and touring that can be a bit irritating is keeping the transmission running sweetly in the face of sometimes wet and horrible weather. In the past I’ve had rusted and worn chains, clogged derailleurs… Continue Reading →

Remodelling a Cervelo P3

This autumn/winter, I planned to refurbish my 2010 Cervelo P3. Over the last year or two, I’d gone from 9 speed to 11 speed Dura-Ace, so that I could swap wheels with my main time trial bike, a Cervelo P5,… Continue Reading →

The 2018 Duo Normand

We approached the 2018 Duo Normand with considerable interest, as there would be a new course used. Grumpy Bob had visited the course on a low intensity tandem trundle round at the end of August. But riding it on the… Continue Reading →

Astwood ’20’ 15/9/18

I realise I haven’t blogged too often about time trialling (and cycling in general) this year. That reflects considerable personal and work-related things getting in the way of (a) training, (b) racing, (c) cycle touring and (d) blogging. At this… Continue Reading →

Looking ahead to the 2018 Duo Normand

After a fatality due to a collision between riders and another team’s following car a couple of years ago, a change in course was pretty much inevitable. In 2017, the teams’ following cars were taken off the course prior to… Continue Reading →

Cycling in Normandy 2018

We visited Normandy again this year for about a week and half of riding bikes and eating seafood. I prepared another report in Microsoft Sway, embedded below.  

Norlond ’10’ F15/10 5/5/18

So now I’ve started, I’ll continue! This event was held on a spectacularly sunny and warm afternoon. I rode over to the HQ in Lidlington. This was a pleasant ride marred only by a puncture  just after riding through Ridgmont…. Continue Reading →

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