After several months confined to the garage on the turbo trainer, I was raring to ride the first club event in the 2016 series. It had been designated a ‘Come and Try It’ event, and I’d spread the word around local cycling groups, and we’d planned to use the BikeBus cafe as an HQ. As it turned out, things didn’t go according to plan!

I was all ready to ride up to Astwood when the snow came on with a vengeance – big fluffy snowflakes falling on to a heavy frost. A quick telephone conference with Tony and it seemed likely we’d call the event off. Certainly, I wasn’t keen to ride up to the course in those conditions, but I did feel as club chairman that I ought to be there for those riders who did show up.

As it turned out, the event went ahead though it was a bit cold and wet and there were only three riders. Tony, Bryan and Dave dealt with the start, while Katja and I went out to marshal a couple of the turns. It was certainly cold and exposed out there on the roadside.

Back home, it was another back to back turbo session. Next week sees the annual Team Grumpy reunion for the Port Talbot Wheelers 2-up ’25’, so I’ll be giving the next club event a miss.

Results (over at the NBRC website)