It was back to the F1B/25 for this event, a week after the Beds Road CC ’25’. David and I travelled over together  – he was off a little earlier than I was. It was a really rather nice morning – not too warm, but with only the gentlest of northerly breezes to trouble us.

I’d had to take both wheel off to fit in the van, and after David had ridden over to start, I thought I’d better shift into a more responsible gear. At this point my bike made an awfully loud twang, and I lost all cable tension to the rear mech. I had a quick look (as best I could without my reading specs), and figured out that the washer that, with the allen key bolt, secures the cable to the rear mech had broken. I quickly borrowed a 5mm Allen key from another rider and bodged a repair. After all if it didn’t work, what was the worst that could happen? Riding the event in 57×12, that’s what! Fortunately the gears behaved themselves for the race although the indexing wasn’t great.

I had a good race in many ways – clear runs through all the roundabouts – though while I was keeping a decent pace most of the time I did find my concentration lapsing at times. I felt pretty good and as I passed the Sandy roundabout I had hopes of a finishing with a 56. Inevitably the strange telescoping of time in time trials started happening – while time crawls while you’re out on the course, it seems to accelerate as you near the finish! I eventually squeaked a 56, recording 56:59. Still, it was an improvement on last week’s 57:22.

The other mechanical mishap was the tyre on the van that went flat on the way home. David and I displayed questionable skills while replacing the wheel. We felt kind of exposed on a sliproad on the Bedford bypass with fast traffic whizzing by. Still, we got sorted eventually!

Results to follow