symbol_12The rain was just starting as I left work to ride down to that start of this club event. It was also rather twitchy riding in blustery wind, so the signs weren’t great! When I got down to sign on, I found a clutch of riders sheltering from the rain in the lee of Tony’s car discussing whether or not we should ride. Some did not, but a core of nutters (including me) decided we’d go ahead.

By the time we lined up at the start, Anthony B. had decided that having ridden round the course he wouldn’t start – he reported the roundabouts may be a bit slippy. Another rider joined him in not starting, leaving the rest of us entertaining all sorts of doubt. However, at the appropriate time, I found myself launching off up the road in the a stiff and blustery wind. This had the effect of making my front wheel really twitchy. Nevertheless, I pressed on to the first roundabout which I negotiated with some care, given Anthony’s warnings – and the fact this one’s ridiculously potholed. For much of the rest of the event, I was mostly either whizzing along with a bit of wind assistance or grovelling along trying to control the bike.

The only truly alarming moment came when I was crossing the last roundabout (i.e. the first one in reverse) and I hit a pothole. This threw my front wheel to such an extent that I thought I’d bought it! Somehow I managed to regain control and made a final effort to the finish. Third place with a paltry 23:50.

Here’s the Garmin trace, and the full results at the NBRC website.