symbol_11A very similar morning to last week’s time trial: however, the rain was confined to the ride up to and back home from the event rather than the event itself.  The time trial was the first counting event in the 2010 NBRC time trial league.  A dozen or so riders turned out for the event.

I rode the new Cervelo again, and once again with the tubular-shod Corima wheels, of which more later.  As with last week’s event, there was a stiff headwind down the opening stretch to Chicheley, but I found it a bit easier than last week.  The whole course was a bit nicer this week without the driving rain.  I rode all the climbs seated rather than out of the saddle.  Unfortunately I found the saddle slipping in the clamp, which meant sometimes I was comfortable, sometimes less so with the saddle nose pointing upwards!

I crossed the line in 24:03, an improvement of 27 seconds from last week – this was enough for second place behind Tony, who finished in 23:15.  Back at Astwood village hall, we all regrouped to await the results from the timekeeper.  Unfortunately, upon departing, I discovered my front tyre was soft – clearly a slow puncture.  JayBee kindly lent his track pump and I topped it up before setting off for home.  Conveniently, Clive was behind me in his car when I stopped in Cranfield University to top it up again, and once more I had the use of a track pump.

All was now going well until my back tyre popped with a loud hiss, at about two miles from home.  Since I was unable to budge the tub (it was pretty slippery and wet, and fixed with tub tape), it was an annoying trudge home, spoiling a rather good morning.  Ho hum, perhaps I need to keep a 2010 puncture log!  In the meantime I’m going to switch back to using Continental tubular glue, which in my experience is easier to deal with for replacing tubs at the roadside.


Pos. on
Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / – Vets Std
1 8 Tony Parks NBRC 23.15 V45 26.30 .+ 3.15 3
2 10 Rob Saunders NBRC 24.03 V50 27.33 .+ 3.30 2
3 12 Lindz Barral i-team.CC 24.14 S
4 11 Ian Marshall TeamMK 24.31 V41 25.42 .+ 1.11 5
5 5 Andy Sharman TeamMK 24.35 S
6 3 Glenn McMenamin NBRC 25.33 S
7 7 John Buchanan TeamMK 26.32 V40 25.30 .- 1.02 6
8 9 Gilbert Wheelwright NBRC 27.45 V67 31.30 .+ 3.45 1
9 4 Clive Faine TeamMK 27.49 V64 30.45 .+ 2.56 4
10 2 David Skeggs NBRC 28.05 V41 25.42 .- 2.23 7
11 1 Alan Lawson NBRC 29.45 V41 25.42 .- 4.03 8
12 6 Tony Brunton NBRC 30.48 V45 26.30 .- 4.18 9
Time Keepers :- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC
Pusher off :- Bryan Scarborough NBRC