British Telecom’s customer help forums appear to have moved from beta to a final version.  During the great Phorm Phiasco, when BT were planning to use the vile Phorm DPI system to illegally pry into their customers’ internet usage, there was great censorship in the beta forums (BT Total Censorship).  I bailed out when I got my final warning from the mods for using the word “it” – to refer to matters that were forbidden, in this case Phorm/Webwise.  All very amusing.  So how do the new forums shape up? 
Not well.

We have threads being locked, and repressive conditions.  The whole edifice seems to be a kind of BT newthink where dissent is curtailed, and where moderators’ responses differ as a discussion proceeds.  It’s notable from the conditions, which explicitly state (and these are drawn from a banning email sent to one of the forum members who had posted there):

[..] Terms of Use, section 6.3 (g) which states: You must not upload, post, or otherwise transmit any content (including but not limited to text, links, communications, software, images, sounds, data, or other information) that includes any of the following inappropriate content: (g) Repetitive or continuous complaints about BT policy including allegations of abuse of privacy, use of third party suppliers or any other policy for any purpose. If you contravene these terms, this will be grounds for your access to the community to be suspended or revoked.

Ho hum business as usual, I think.  There’s been a very interesting thread on new firmware that according to the OP allows BT access to the HomeHub, and is actually quite insecure.  Now, I’m not technically experienced enough to comment on the basis of the OP’s complaint, but just read how the moderator’s story changes as the thread proceeds, ending with an abrupt brush-off and locking the thread.

Finally, the BTCare home page has a twitter feed from @btcare.  A comparison of that twitter feed with the messages on btcare is very interesting.  Are they filtering out critical tweets?

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