Since I overhauled this website a couple of years ago, the main focus on the site has been through the Joomla! blogging extension MyBlog. This is a commercial extension from Azrul, and I have to say I’ve been very pleased with it.

Unfortunately I’m less enthusiastic about Azrul’s commenting extension, JomComment, designed for use with MyBlog. It has a caching activity, which seems to generate huge numbers of files which are supposed to be deleted each time a comment is posted. Well, maybe I suffer from a paucity of readers willing to comment, but the cache just grows and grows indefinitely. I have tried commenting, but no decline in the sheer volume of the JomComment cache.

I periodically do a Google search, or look in the Azrul fora, for a solution to this, but always come out empty-handed. The last straw was this morning’s alert from my hosting company, which alerted my to the fact my disk space usage had reached 80% of my limit. Effectively this was over 6Gb, of which over half consisted of JomComment cache files.

Enough is enough. I have unpublished JomComment, and tried out two commenting extensions: JComment and yvComment. I was unable to make JComment play ball with MyBlog – there are discussions in the JComment fora about this, so I may revisit this extension. JComment is a powerfully featured commenting system. Slightly less sophisticated is the yvComment system. I already use this on a couple of other websites, and it wasn’t too hard to make it work on MyBlog, though there do appear to be one or two minor glitches. Still, this should avoid 3Gb pileups of cache files.

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