Team Grumpy rode the Duo Normand again in 2009 (see this story, and also the Team Grumpy blog and website). Silent Movie is my first effort at editing video footage – in this case recorded from a video camera attached to “Grumpy” Art Vanderlay’s tri-bars.  Thus, you can periodically see my backside and legs, but “Grumpy” Art doesn’t feature much at all.

I edited the video using the Linux package kdenlive, and rendered it as a 320×240 pixel flash video.

Be warned, this is a 90′ video, and if bandwidth issues result, I’ll need to unpublish this article.  It’s also rather boring for those not interested in the Duo Normand!

The video seems to play well with Firefox on Linux and WinXP.  IE8 on WinXP seems to throw a wobbly about the Flash Player, though after installing Flash Player 10 it worked OK.  Haven’t tried other browser/OS combinations yet.

[wposflv src=]