It’s been a while since I mentioned Phorm on this blog.  Mostly that’s because it’s become less of a threat to the UK ISPs (but other murky operators lurk in the wings, judging from the forum), since BT confirmed they had no plans to implement Phorm.  BT’s announcement was closely followed by Carphone Warehouse and a rather lukewarm statement from Virgin Media.

The market responded to the rug being pulled from under Phorm by a mammoth drop in share price, a decline which has continued since.  Interactive Investor now has the price at 130 pence, possibly its lowest event point.

Unfortunately anti-DPI campaigners have drawn a blank on questions directed at the UK Government on what, if anything, they actually knew – recall that many Phorm pronouncements featured claims of Home Office and ICO approval, most of which appear to be unsupported assertions.