The Register – Phorm CEO clashes with Berners-Lee at Parliament

The Times – Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee wants ban on snooping on internet users

BBC News – Web founder’s ‘snooping’ warning

The Guardian – Web inventor warns against third-party internet snooping

The Telegraph – Online privacy demanded by web founders

Probably more out there to be added to the list.  Notably, each report leads with Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

The Daily Mail – Internet ad tracking system will put a ‘spy camera’ in the homes of millions, warns founder of the web

PC Pro – Berners-Lee: Phorm is like a "TV camera in your room"

PC Pro – Why wouldn’t BT stand up for Phorm?

New Scientist – Internet at risk from "wiretapping", says web inventor

ZDnet – Berners-Lee: Deep packet inspection compromises Net integrity

Personal Computer World – Tim Berners-Lee attacks web ‘snooping’