Ben Goldacre’s posted an update on the fracas with LBC and Jeni Barnett over their ill-advised broadcast on the topic of the MMR vaccine and autism.  In essence, while LBC’s decision to threaten their legal muscle did cause Goldacre to pull the audio clip from his blog, it’s now got spread over the internet, has attracted considerable celeb support, and now is the subject of an early-day motion.  Barnett’s own efforts at damage-limitation appear to be restricted to deleting critical comments from her blog.  Thankfully, the power of the internet has ensured the information is still out there, and is proliferating.

Ben Goldacre’s latest article very clearly explains why this is such an important issue, and why under-informed dimwits shouldn’t make irresponsible broadcasts.  Perhaps LBC should keepa closer eye (or should that be "ear") on their broadcasters.