The BBC reports that the upcoming ContactPoint database which is planned (at a cost of £224 million) to contain contact details of all kids under 18 years old in England is expected to be accessible to 390,000 users.  I guess more still when it gets lost in the post or left on a train.  The database will

hold the name, address, parents’ contact details, date of birth, school and doctor of every child in England.

The same article references a projected database of adults working with children:

The Independent Safeguarding Authority, set to begin work later this year, plans to have a register of more than 11 million adults – representing about one in four of the adult population of England.

Oh goody, another database waiting to be illegally accessed.  And in connection with clause 152 of the Coroners bill, what vast uber-database will there be?  Oh, and don’t forget Wacky Jacqui’s big idea, the Interception Modernisation Programme.