Team Grumpy has a blog!

Team Grumpy is a rather unofficially named 2-up pairing – in which I ride a select number of 2-up time trials each season with the “Grumpy Twin”, who goes by a variety of internet noms de plume. We’ve been riding 2-ups for several years, and think we’re getting quite good at it now.  Our first effort, at a North Bucks Road club evening ’10’ had something of the air of “Laurel and Hardy go time trialling” about it.  Perhaps we’ll blog about that and how we’ve moved forward, despite geographical distance.

So, a spur of the moment decision last night saw Team Grumpy set up a blog via Google’s Blogger.   We shall see how that develops…

You can reach the Team Grumpy blog either directly or via the menu item in the Cycling menu to the left (in which case it will appear as an i-Frame within this website.