Here’s a further update on the BT Total Censorship and the general BT-Webwise situation – for more background, see part 1part 2, part 3 and follow this thread at the forum. 


PC Advisor – BT could be prosecuted over secret Phorm trial   Also a few links there to other BT-Phorm stories, including this one on the BT forum censorship issue – Phorm discussion banned in BT forum – CPS investigates BT over internet trials Includes another BT quote parroting the legal advice line:

BT denied the trials breached privacy laws and said it had “sought expert legal advice in advance” of the tests. “Customers’ IP [internet computer] addresses were not divulged and we did not have any way of knowing who was taking part in the trial.”  

And finally finally…search Google for “BT silences customers”