Here are the current standings in the 2008 Beijing Olympics doping league.

Before the Games, Russia withdrew two walkers and a cyclist over positive test or suspicion of doping.   Bulgaria withdrew its entire weightlifting team due to positive tests for steroids.  The Greek weightlifting team also had numerous steroid positives.

Nation     Steroids    
 Evading Test  
Greece  1  –  –  1

200m sprinter: Gousis (Steroid, at training camp),

100m sprinter Thanou (evasion, in run-up to Athens Games)

 Spain  1 Moreno positive (EPO, out of competition)
 North Korea  ? ? ?   Kim Jong Su loses 50m shooting silver & 10m air pistol bronze
 Vietnam  ? ? ?   Gymnast Thi Ngan Thuong Do 
 Bulgaria  1       Middle-distance runner Daniela Yordanova – testosterone
 Ukraine  1?       Heptathlon silver medallist Liudmyla Blonska 

Four horses (one each from Ireland, Norway, Brazil and Germany) all tested positive for capsaicin, which (rather bizarrely) is performance-enhancing in some way.