A Campus Conspiracy I don’t read a lot of fiction, but this novel was quite appealing in its subject matter. Written by “Anonymous” (the author would appear to be auniversity academic), the novel is an accurately targeted satire on modern university politics and life. It was lent to me by a colleague, who’d bought it for holiday reading over Christmas.

The principal character is a well to do Professor of Christian Ethics. He’s married to lower aristocracy and is successful in academic, if not in modern RAE terms. He is a few years short of retirement, and clearly doesn’t fit the bill in terms of academic style. In response to an accusation of sexual harassment, he’s hauled over the coals by university officials, many with unhelpful (to the main character) relationships with each other – accusations of bullying and libel fly.

It was a quick and quite entertaining read, though I found the writing style rather unexceptional. nd finally, how does it work as holiday reading? Unfortunately, it is so close to the truth of University politics and devious machinations that at times it really isn’t pleasant to read! This hasn’t stopped me from borrowing the sequel “Degrees’r’Us“.