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Mythbuntu revisited

Over the last year or so, I’ve played with a home-built PVR system using the Ubuntu-based implementation of MythTV, Mythbuntu.  Mythbuntu is really just a convenient way to set up a Linux-based computer with MythTV easily installed.  Anyway, previous installments are: Easter projects – Drupal vs Joomla! and tangling with Mythbuntu, Mythbuntu, part 2 and Mythbuntu, part 3.  Most recently, I had been forced to relocate the main server box upstairs, away from the main living room.  This was due to the generally annoying and ugly computer case with its flashing lights and persistent fan and hard drive noise.   Continue reading

Mythbuntu, part 3

mythbuntuI’ve been playing further with Mythbuntu. Using the Mythbuntu 9.10 installation (which uses MythTV 0.22), I never managed to get the Hauppauge remote working at all. And then it seemed to me that there was a rather a lot of hard disk activity while the computer really ought to have been idle.

A quick Google search suggested this might be solved by upgrading to MythTV 0.23.  This was straightforward using links at the Mythbuntu site.  I also took the plunge and upgraded to the beta2 of Ubuntu while I was at it.  This was straightforward, except I rendered the system unbootable by incorrectly answering a setup question relating to Grub2.  Rescue was straightforward, and by running grub-install from a live Ubuntu CD, as described on this useful guide to grub 2.

Somewhere along the line I was asked what remote I was using, and the upshot is that I now have a partially functional remote.  It’s not there yet, but there are a variety of handy wikis out there with sample configuration files for this model of remote, so I am confident I’ll be able to set up full support for it.

So, now onward and upward for more complete testing.

Mythbuntu, part 2

Some progress.  I now have Mythbuntu 9.10 working on at least one of the TV input channels. It seems to work very well, with easy to navigate programming schedules.  The first real test to to record a couple of films this evening (Control and 24 Hour Party People as it happens – I have a long-standing affection for Joy Division and Factory Records).

I’ve also got it daisy-chained from the Humax box, and the S-video output comes into the TV on a separate channel from the Humax box.

The big challenge now is to get the remote control working, so I don’t have to run it via a vnc connection from my Linux notebook.  More later

Easter projects – Drupal vs Joomla! and tangling with Mythbuntu


Usually, the short holidays such as Xmas and Easter provide me with the opportunity to put some time aside to deal with ongoing projects, often related to websites and/or computing.  This easter was no exception – I decided to overhaul a Drupal site I maintain, and to install Mythbuntu on an old desktop PC.  Both of these projects were a little challenging, but for different reasons. Continue reading